A Guide to Life. Alcohol-Free.

I’m a recovering alcoholic – now I get a fix from playing Pokémon GO

Oscar Humphries talks addictive substances and addictive apps from The Evening Standard.


What’s On: June 2016

Highlights of what’s happening this month.

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Euro 2016: An Interloper’s Guide

Look like you know what you’re talking about with these useful facts about the 2016 UEFA European Championship

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What’s it Like to Give Up Drinking?

The Guardian speaks to people about their experiences of quitting drinking; the article can be found here.

Max Dalda MüllerKristy

What’s On: 23-29 May

Highlights of what’s going on this week.

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My Transformation: 30 Days of No Alcohol

James Swanwick writes about his physical and mental effects of quitting alcohol for 30 days in this article from Elephant Journal.

What’s On: 16-22 May

Highlights of what’s going on this week.

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Study finds link between university and alcoholism in later life

People more likely to drink heavily if they went to university or became a smoker in their teenage year according to this report in The Scotsman.

What’s On: 9-15 May

Brighton Pier at dusk

Highlights of what’s going on this week.

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