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National Doughnut Week 2016

National Doughnut Week 2016

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How Alcohol Affects Sleep

This article from the Huffington Post dispels the common misconception that a nightcap before bed will improve your sleep, saying drinking can have a detrimental effect on sleep quality.

The article also offers tips on how to get a good night’s sleep without alcohol.

What’s On

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My Wasted Years as a Teenage Alcoholic

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Offering Kids a Taste of Alcohol

An article in the New York Times suggests that it may be time to end allowing children alcohol with an increasing number of studies show that this can lead to earlier drinking.

On the same theme, this article from The Guardian, from 2015, asks the question – Should I Let my Children Try Alcohol?

Food, Glorious, Food!

The rise of food festivals in the UK.

Couple sharing food at festival : Stock Photo

Britain is undeniably a nation of food lovers. Food has well and truly joined the likes of the football and the weather to become a national obsession. Continue reading “Food, Glorious, Food!”

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Nine out of Ten Britons Do Not Associate Drinking with Cancer

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BBC to Screen Louis Theroux Documentary on Alcoholism

Louis Theroux during Louis Theroux Signs His Book 'The Call of the Weird' at HMV in Dublin - October 22, 2005 at HMV in Dublin, Ireland.

The journalist Louis Theroux is returning to BBC two for a pair of documentaries. The first of the two-part series, expected to air later this year, will concentrate on alcohol addiction. Continue reading “BBC to Screen Louis Theroux Documentary on Alcoholism”

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